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Psychedelic Psilocybin Retreat - Truffle Ceremony
Psychedelic Psilocybin Retreat - Truffle Ceremony

vr 12 jul



Psychedelic Psilocybin Retreat - Truffle Ceremony

Journey of the Soul. Especially for our foreign guests, we have a three day retreat program from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

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Date, time and location

12 jul 2024, 15:30 – 14 jul 2024, 15:30

Aarlanderveen, Noordeinde 79B, 2445 XC Aarlanderveen, Netherlands

About the event

Dear Adventurer,

From the moment you arrive everything is included:

  • All (vegetarian) food, drinks, herbal teas, purified water, snacks, fruits etc.  
  • Two overnight stays
  • Free Parking
  • Psilicybine - Truffles Ceremony  
  • Full program with meditations, breathwork & bodywork


1st day – The Gathering

When you arrive in our big wooden country house, you’ll be welcomed by our facilitators. With a warm welcome, some herbal tea and a snack you’ll have the opportunity to settle in and get familiar with the house and the green surroundings.

The wonderful vegetarian diner will be served when everybody has arrived.

This first evening we share time to answer any questions so you can get clear on what you’re seeking from this psilocybin retreat experience, and get all questions answered.

Timeline day 1: 

○ 15:30 PM – Welcoming all guests and get to know each other, focus on intention, set and setting.

○ 19:00 PM – Vegetarian dinner

○ 20:00 PM – Explanation ceremony and preparation

○ 21:00 PM – Yoga Nidra (Quantum field Meditation)

2nd day – Deep Dive

On the second day, you’ll experience the deep dive/psilocybin ceremony. We start in the morning with a small snack. And for grounding deeper into your body we do bodywork like Qigong and a Breathwork session. Slowly we make a the transition in the ceremony. 

Then, you’ll get to experience the sacred ceremony Journey of the Soul, where you’ll be given a high dose of psilocybin-truffles with heart opening cacao and herbs. You’ll be in a safe and serene setting, so you’ll be able to relax and let go. The actual psilocybin experience will last between 6-8 hours. Then, we will be having a tasty vegetarian diner.

Timeline day 2: 

○ 08:00 AM – Morning practice

○ 09:00 AM – Breakfast

○ 10:00 AM – Bodywork, Breathwork, Silence,

○ 13:00 PM – *Truffle Ceremony

○ 16:30 PM – Healing Ritual

○ 20:00 PM – Soul Food dinner and sharing

○ 21:20 PM – Closing circle

*We open the ceremony and guide the Magic Truffle with Cacao into your body with a guided meditation making your journey even more enjoyable. We will guide you during the Journey with extra nice sensory support such as essential oils, and a sound experience through music, singing bowls and other shamanic instruments.

We work from intuition and, with the right guidance we help you travel safely to the deeper dimensions of your being.

3rd day – Integration

Because we don’t want you to lose sight of what insights and experiences you had, after the profound and intense journey on this wonderful plant medicine, we take time to integrate on the third day processing and integrating all that occurred. We want you to take the breakthroughs and transformational insights with you when you return home. Within the first week after getting back we’ll provide a guidance call on how to maintain your changes long-term.

Timeline day 3:

○ 08:00 AM – Morning practice and Breakfast

○ 10:00 AM – Integration session

○ 13:00 PM – Lunch

○ 14:00 PM – *Farewell Ceremony

○ 15:30 PM – Closing Circle

The Farewell Ritual allows us to emphasize with the feeling that something has happened that will change your life. You will not be the same after this, and we use symbols to facilitate the transformation. This 'journey of the soul' is entirely in the light of your personal journey. The retreat will be about connecting with your deeper consciousness to guide you in healing trauma and help your transformational process. This is a place for emotional and spiritual growth, but also for physical release and deep healing of old traumas that we have carried with us for years.

Excited and tense about it?

Do you feel some tension beforehand? Of course you feel that way. It is a new experience in your life and you can feel that as exciting. In our zoom or telephone call we will answer your questions and any concerns will be discussed. It is important that you receive enough information so you can completely relax during this beautiful plant medicine retreat. 

Small intimate group.

No big event place or a living room full of mats side by side. As we said before, set and setting is one of the most important aspects for your experience. This contributes to the quality of the experience.

The space is beautifully decorated, surrounded by nature, with large wooden beams and soft and delicate colors. For us, set and setting are the most important elements of all meetings and ceremonies. With a small group (never more than six) of like-minded people where there is plenty of room for your own 'secret space'.

Reserve your spot:

Because there are only a limited number of places, reservation is in order of registration.

Reserve your spot by registration with the questionnaire.

You will automatically receive a confirmation in your email (also check your spam box). A telephone intake will follow to discuss your questions and any contraindications.

You will receive a down payment request (after the down payment, your reservation is final).

Read the preparations carefully.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. A week before the start you will receive the preparations again by email as a reminder.

Not included:

  • Flights to The Netherlands 
  • Transfers to the retreat location (optional) 

Exchange: € 777,- p.p. 

When you feel the call of the Plant Medicine, but you have questions, dont hessitate to call 

Larissa at 0031 655 89 54 94

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