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Psychedelic Retreat near Amsterdam

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"Journey of the Soul"

"On a Journey"
For years I was traveling, never really had a home. Often a place where I stayed a little longer, because it the wind brought me there. I never felt alone and yet I always missed something.

Each time a new adventure a head of me, each time the question, what did this bring? .

What is it that I come here to do? What, why and how?

Then I went on a journey within myself, deeper and deeper I learnt so much about life, the meaning and being in the now. 

Plant Medicines took me on a deep transformations and healing journey with lost of clearness.
Right in the dept of the essence of my being. It was a life changing experience. 

A whole new adventure, with answers on a spiritual level, indescribably beautiful and pure.
The plant medicine took me further, beyond any journey ever did.
This is how the Journey to the Soul was born. It's a remedy not a cure...


 Larissa Gies

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Psychedelic Retreat

Experience psychedelics in a natural and loving environment. Our place is specifically designed with a earthy tone, for the ultimate experience while traveling the

Journey of the Soul. 

Magic Truffles (that contain psilocybin) are fully legal in the Netherlands, and your journey will take place under the careful guidance of our dedicated and trained Space holders.

The location is a nice country house (near Amsterdam), surrounded by greenery, wooden details and earthy colors. You will feel that you are being carried by the energy and strength of Mother Earth.

We will be welcoming you at the doors of this divine place.

Everything is arranged for you so that you can arrive and settle down carefree in preparation for your stay.

In the week leading up to the Journey we will be in contact by phone or zoom, to discus all the important information and questions for your mental and physical preparations.

This psychedelic retreat is more than just a Truffle experience. Our mission is to guide you from the first call to the integration call back home in the week after the Journey.


Consider this retreat as a profound and life changing event.

You will be supported by meditative practices, bodywork and beautiful sound and fragrance experiences.

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Decorative Shape

Journey of the Soul

This is the name of this plant medicine ceremony, in which we use pure raw cocao & truffle.

The combination of sacred Truffel and Cacao share a long history and tradition.

The Aztecs called the sacred mushrooms teonanacátl (flesh of the gods). Cacao’s official name is theobroma cacao (food of the gods). A powerful combination increasing the effect where the mushroom opens the mind and cacao opens the heart.


We use a larger dose of Herbal Cacao and Truffel in our ceremonies for a with a larger dose.

The active substances are: psilocybin from truffle, and MAO inhibitor and the Cocao in collaboration with the herbs. With this composition of Truffle, herbs and pure cocoa, most travelers experience this as the soft and friendly sister of the Ayahuasca.


A journey full of insights that will help you on your path. See this plant medicine as your guide to emotional and spiritual growth.

"I suddenly felt and understood the universal power of love"

"I believe that psychedelics can work where other personal development treatments have failed"

Info Journey of the Soul

Duration: Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon
Registration: participation is with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people. 
Confirmation: After first call and medical check. 


For the program and costs, see the retreat pages for further details

Why plant medicine?

Do you want to open the portal to your soul and get in touch with a deeper consciousness?

Plant medicines can take you on a deep inner journey in which you get what you need.

This way of consciousness traveling is a unique way to cleanse our body and mind of old ballast, which we have built up in the course of our lives.

Deep insights are obtained during the ceremony and healing can take place.

The plant medicine ceremonies work much deeper than the Western forms of therapy that we know here. You can say that plant medicine works from your own deepest core, while therapy comes from outside. ​


Some of the experiences are when you feel one with everything around you. That you slowly travel through the different dimensions, worlds and cosmic layers. If you catch a glimpse of that on your journey, you'll never go through life the same way again. ​ You will have more acceptance and more respect for things as they are, including your pain and traumas.


 Do not hesitate to contact us

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